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David Z Lopez

born and raised in El Paso, Texas, is from birth, intimately familiar with the Sun City, the land of multi-cultures, multi-languages, great history, and multi-venues. Sharing over 20 years of experience in real estate, together with his team of Licensed Professional Realtors, there is no doubt that finding a home will be a great experience for anyone seeking an abode, a warm city with friendly people, and the best Sunset views.

The Broker has, for many years, been developing a system that seamlessly caters and ushers to an unfolding population growth. He and his professional agents offer the warmest welcome to new home buyers and owners to the historic Sun City. Hospitality and service is at the center of the broker's philosophy that is behind the entire organizaion.

The Broker has a Bachlor's degree from the University of Texas at El Paso with emphasis on Business and the Humanities. He trains his Agents in areas of Real Estate, general business practices, finance, and Public Relations. Entertainment is also a forte as he and his agents are well versed in hosting home tours and marketing.

Having this background and a vision for El Paso, he recognizes the importance for home buyers to find their ideal setting for their home. The Broker is always proud to know that he or one of his agents have contributed to someone's success in becoming a proud owner of a home nestled in the best hidden secret of the Southwest.

So come and get to know your broker, his agents, his company, and by all means, El Paso, Texas. The Broker invites you to explore your possibilities because finding a home just got easier.

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